Health Insurance Law

You paid money for a contract that promised to pay for medical expenses, but your insurer is either denying your claim or trying alter the treatment. This is not an acceptable way for your insurance company to treat you.

Trying to argue with the insurance company to reverse their decision is a long process and usually futile. Suing in court is often not cost-effective, but a patient does have another option, which is to persuade your insurer’s medical personnel in the decision chain to approve your claim. Almost all denied claims are reviewed by an insurance employee who needs to be licensed with some type of state medical board. This insurance employee could be a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist and by denying your claim against your physician’s first hand judgment, they are usually committing some type of ethical violation.

In conjunction with your physician, we send a series of certified letters to the insurance provider that outlines your need for the treatment. If your claim is still denied, we notify any licensed individuals that participated in your claim denial that their state board will be notified, which may result in the suspension of their license. This process is the only practical leverage that consumers have against their insurance companies.

If your claim is still not approved then my office can pursue a claim in court and/or complete forms and paperwork needed for filing a complaint against the person who denied your claim.

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